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    Why buy a new Porti-boy Machine for over $2000 when we can put life back into your Porti-boy Machine for less than $300. 



    The Porti-boy Pumps can leak and deteriorate over time costing you hundreds of dollars. 





  • Rebuilt Porti-boy Pumps are better than the originals for less than $300!




Let us put life back into your Porti-boy Machine.

We are a machine shop based in the Tampabay area of Florida that specializes in the rebuilding of the Portiboy pumps as well as Turner embalming machine pumps. read more...

We Rebuild Portiboy Pumps, Turner Embalming Pumps, and sell Mark IV & V Hose kits

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Why buy a new machine when a rebuilt one is better?

Our Portiboy Pump re-manufacturing process makes the pump a better pump because we use better manufactured parts than the OEM parts that were used.  read more...